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Boys Tribal Select Program

The Tribal Youth Select Lacrosse Program provides an enhanced lacrosse experience for players seeking more advanced play and instruction. The program complements the current town Classic Youth Lacrosse Program and provides additional games and practices to those who are seeking to supplement their lacrosse experience. You must be registered for the Classic Program in order to play in the Select Program. The Select Program is an opportunity for players with demonstrated ability to hone their skills, participate in a competitive level of play, and gain experience in a play-to-win environment. Continuing the Classic Program’s goal of fostering the love of the game, the Select program’s objective is to take a qualified team into the next level of play with other Select Programs. You must be registered in the Tribal Classic program to play in the Select Program. Selected players will be asked to register for their Select Team immediately upon notice. 

The 2018 Select Team Program fee is $385.

Tribal Select is part of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL) Select Program and as such is governed by MBYLL rules and regulations and guided by the same mission and goals.

**2018 Boys Tribal Select Lacrosse Tryouts: U13 and U15 - You must register in order to tryout.

Please use the following link or visit the online registration page: 


The tryout fee is $20 (to cover field and coaching costs.)  Tryouts will take place on Saturday, February 10th and Saturday, February 24th, from 6:00-8:00 pm.  U13s (current 5th and 6th graders) will play the first hour; U15s (current 7th and 8th grade) the second hour. Players may choose to attend one or both tryout dates. 

Tryouts will take place at Home Grown Indoor Sports at 400 Osgood Street, North Andover, Mass:  http://www.hgrlacrosse.com/maps-directions/

If you cannot make either tryout date or you have questions please contact the Select Program Coordinator Jan Haas at jhaas@velocityfg.com.


Benefits of the Program:

- Expanded Play: Additional Select Team games with local towns, and additional tournaments within Massachusetts

- Enhanced Skills Development w/Professional Coaching: Experienced coaches to help players more effectively prepare for high school and collegiate levels of play.

- Smaller Rosters: Providing more game play opportunities

- Simplified Travel: Compared to Club Leagues all practices and most games will be played locally

- Lower Costs: As a non-profit organization, the program fee is significantly lower than Club Leagues

- Community: A competitive option for more advanced players to play together with friends as a unified team within their town.


Program Overview:

The Tribal Select practice and game schedules will not conflict with the Classic program’s weekly schedules. Players participating on a Tribal Select team MUST also participate in Tribal’s Classic program as it is designed to be an extension of the Classic program. The Tribal Select program will culminate with a series of playoffs, championships and an All-Star game.

Selection Process:

Roster will be created based on:

  1. A multi-day tryout period before the spring season conducted by independent evaluators together with hired Select Coaches.
  2. Consultations with respective AGDs, Select Coaches, and Select Committee members on the final roster.
  3. Other roster considerations include:
  • Notes and discussion on players during in-season game play and practice, winter session, and or other clinics.
  • Positions decided by coach recommendation and player agreement at the U13 level
  • Positions decided by specific position tryout according to player interest at the U15 level

Exceptions to tryout process may include illness or injury and recent location to the Tri-town area. All attempts will be made to provide a forum for all kids to be independently evaluated.

Roster Size: Roster will include up to 18 Players per team.

Cost: There is an additional fee for registration to Select Program. The fee is determined by the Board of Directors each fiscal year and is based on coaching needs, practice and field space, uniform, and tournament fees. 

Coaches: Select Coaches are hired from outside the present Tribal parent community. Hired coaches have experience with/or knowledge of a minimum of college-level lacrosse, expertise with specific offensive and defensive play, and a focused attention to increasing the skill levels of each player through a thoughtful approach to practice plans and game-time play. Ideally, coaches will have at least 1 year of experience coaching youth lacrosse.

Practices:  Select players will participate in one additional Select practice per week. This will enhance team cohesiveness and provide more opportunities for Select Coaches to know their teams and teach their players.

Communication: All communication to and from Select Coaches will go through the Tribal Select Program Director/Coordinator.

Expectations: This is a play-to-win program. Time on the field is not guaranteed for any player. Coaches are responsible for and will make all decisions on playtime, positions, and game strategy.

It is expected that all players will demonstrate a commitment to Tribal Select Lacrosse through:

  • Attendance to Practice
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Continued Improvement
  • A High Level of Sportsmanship