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Thank you for volunteering to coach in the Tribal Lacrosse Program. Please review the following information carefully. You will be reimbursed for all fees associated with coaching. All coaches must register with Tribal AND meet the appropriate team requirements. Scroll down for separate information to coach girl and boy teams.

If have trouble registering, please send an email to Mack at support@mbyll.org and copy bonnit@comcast.net.


Coach Requirements for Girl Teams


1. Register with Tribal Lacrosse at http://assn.la/Reg/?r=3:158171

2. Register as a coach with US Lacrosse at https://www.uslacrosse.org/ This is REQUIRED.

3. Coaches do not need certification but it is highly recommended and encouraged.


Coach Requirements for Boy Teams

Certification is required for head coaches. One certified coach must be on the field at all times.

1. Register as a coach on www.mbyll.org

  • Cost is $50 which covers MBYLL Coaching insurance, online resources, game administration, and coaching education materials. Tribal will reimburse the cost of MBYLL.

2. Register with Tribal Lacrosse at http://assn.la/Reg/?r=3:158171

3. For 1st time Certification Candidates: Complete three (one-time) online courses:

  • USL's online course: Men’s Level 1 (good-for-life)
  • USL's online course "How to Make Proper Contact" (good-for-life)
  • Positive Coaching Alliance's online course: "Double-Goal Coach" (good-for-life)
  • NOTE: During Coach registration, 1st time Certification Candidates will be required to indicate a need for the online courses and a USL Coaching Membership will be provided

4. Attend a MBYLL Clinic

  • You must register at www.mbyll.org and complete all pre-requisites up to 36 hours in advance
  • $50 clinic participation fee (due during registration) up to 36 hours in advance
  • $75 clinic participation fee if registering less than 36 hours prior to clinic
  •  You have multiple options:

o    MBYLL Introductory Clinic

o    MBYLL Prepatory Clinic

o    MBYLL Advanced Clinic (for renewing coaches only)

o    Cannons Symposium (for renewing coaches only)

  • Every MBYLL region is expected to have at least one Introductory / Preparatory Clinic and one Advanced clinic

Clinics run from early May to early April and will be available for selection on http://www.mbyll.org/

Additional Information from MBYLL: Coach’s Training Clinics in the Northeast Region


1. The Cannons are planning to have their coach’s Symposium at Endicott College on Sunday, March 25. The MBYLL is planning to make this session applicable to existing MBYLL coaches that need to attend an in person clinic. This coach’s training is not applicable to new coaches.
2. Other currently planned coaching clinics: March 3 Babson College, March 16 at Gillette Stadium
3. Venue for an entry level coach’s training TBA. This session should ideally be in March. 
4. All coaches that already have coaching cards are encouraged to bring their cards to these clinics so the cards can be revised with the 2019 stickers.
5. The list of certified coaches is on the MBYLL website under the coach’s tab. If you have coaches in your program that should be on this list, please e-mail: massbayyouthlax@gmail.com with a photo of your badge (make sure we can see the name & valid sticker)
 Coach’s Training: requirements
- All select coaches must have current coach’s cards
- At least one coach on each classic game sideline must have a current coach’ card
- MBYLL recommends that all coaches earn coach’s cards.
- All coaches must register on the MBYLL web site.
- Cost to coaches for in person training $50/coach
- Cost to coaches for online training $0.
- MBYLL recommends that programs pay for reimburse coaches for training costs.
- All coaches must be registered with the MBYLL
- All coaches must submit to a CORI check and be accepted as CORI check ok by their youth lacrosse program
- To earn a coach’s card, coaches must attend an in person MBYLL clinic at least every other year. Coach’s cards are good for two years and expire on Dec 31.
All coaches must take the following on line courses once:
i.              US Lacrosse Level 1 on line
ii.             US Lacrosse How to Make Contact
iii.            Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach level